Taste of Home




The winner will:

  • Receive a “Taste of Home” commemorative plate

  • Be given four guest passes to The Club to bring in family and friends when their food is officially served

  • Be given $100 Flex Dollars which can be used at the C-Store, the Seasider, the Club, and the Farmer’s Market

  • And have their food become part of the regular menu in The Club



We want submissions of a main dish that you love. Your food should taste good, look good, and be cost-efficient. Food will be judged based on:    


A. Taste: We’re looking for something delicious!


B. Cost: Remember, if we’re putting it on our menu we have to make it for a large group of people.


C. Aesthetics: Make it look good enough to eat! 


D. Feasibility: It has to be something we can make all year long for large groups of people. For example, be careful of seasonal ingredients.


Recipes must take no more than 30 minutes to prepare. Longer cooking times are fine, but the preparation itself should be short.

The judges will take note of how closely you follow your recipe.

We will advise you, upon selection of your recipe, on all sanitation requirements in creating and serving the food because you will be in the kitchen with our chef helping prepare your food.


  • Friday, February 1st submissions must be in

  • Friday, February 14th will notify top three submitters

  • February 28th to March 3rd contestants cook recipes and will be judged